3 Confident Boosters To Use When Facing Challenges

3 Confident Boosters To Use When Facing Challenges

When facing big challenges, most people will tell you something like: “be confident”. It sounds very simple but it’s not that easy. How can you be more confident when the pressure is on you? What is self-confidence anyway?

confidenceThe belief that you are capable , the optimism that you are certain about your capability and act courageously when facing the challenge is self-confidence. This will help you turn thoughts and beliefs into actions and results.

Where does confidence come from? Here are 3 factors affect your confidence:

  • Your genes
  • The social pressure/ your environment
  • The choice you make (the risk yo take, the responses you choose when facing certain problems.)

The choices we make play a vital role in confidence development. We all have the power to cultivate our confidence and demand confidence when we need it.

3 Confident Boosters To Increase Your Confidence

  • Visualize your success before you attempt to solve a big problem or a difficult task
  • Believe in your ability to improve, which means your ability will improve overtime.
  • Practice and become comfortable with failure.

Now take a challenge that you want to take on, understand that it’s not going to be easy, accept that you will make mistake and be kind with yourself when you do. Stand up and keep going through failures and you will become unstoppable. Remember confidence is like a muscle, you must build and use it or you will lose it.

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